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Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce

About us

SICC is a bi-national, private sector, non-profit association with 380 Swiss and Indian members. It is devoted to growing business between individuals and companies in India and Switzerland. Founded in 1985, SICC is widely recognized as a key player in advancing Indo-Swiss economic relationships. As an independent organization, the Chamber co-operates with all public and private institutions that pursue similar goals.

SICC achieves its objectives by:
  • Enhancing the flow of information on investment- and trade-related issues between India and Switzerland
  • Improving bilateral commercial, industrial and technical co-operation between India and Switzerland
  • Supporting the establishment of joint ventures and strategic alliances between enterprises of both countries
The SICC Board includes representatives of firms that actively pursue the enhancement of Swiss-Indian economic relations. The Board is supported by an advisory body that helps to strengthen the SICC's network, and functions as a sounding board on a variety of issues that the chamber routinely confronts.

SICC has offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Mumbai, India. In India, SICC is represented by Regional Presidents in Bangalore (SICC Southern Region); Delhi (SICC Northern Region) and Mumbai (SICC Western Region) and Pune (Pune Chapter).